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The mission of EMSconnect is to improve rural access to world-class, current, and affordable ongoing education for all levels of EMS providers through a user-friendly online environment connecting EMS providers and physicians in a fun and relaxed setting. Topics are approved at the national level (http://capce.org/Home/Providers) and offered in a format that is both educational and engaging. Whether you are a volunteer at the BLS level or a flight medic, EMSconnect will have something to offer.

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  • Gory Gory Hallelujah!
  • Boulders, Balls, and Boo Boos
  • Knights of the EMS Round Table


  • The Drop on Acid-Base Relationships
  • Capnography, What the hell is it?
  • The Dope Show


  • Becoming a Master Jedi
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Neprho-logic